Operation Galahad

A Light in the Dark
Keeper: Melissa

Section M has been working diligently to decipher some odd reports from the front. Occasionally, a piece worthy of scientific study finds its way into allied hands, and such an object was delivered to a retired professor in a small village on the southern coast of England several weeks ago. There is need of a small scientific and technologically apt group to travel south and see if they can be of any aid to the professor and his work. Agents in Kent are concerned that they haven’t been receiving their regular reports, and worry that something has stalled the research.


John J. Anderson
Sarah Gannon
Sally Mather
Paul Collins
Rada Etoss

Ride of the Night Witches
Keeper: Eric T

It’s the winter of 1943 near Stalingrad. With assistance from the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, the famous Night Witches, Section D is going on a mission into Nazi-occupied territory to rescue and a couple of 588th pilots and capture an infamous Nazi sorcerer who is waging his own personal war with Russia. Agents with pilot skills and plenty of moxy are desired.


Hugo Petit
Lt. Padparadscha
Martin Willimets
Svetlana Rhysnekova
Francois DeBlanc

Ride of the Valkyries
Keeper: Byerly

The Norwegian resistance has sent word to London of strange activity around the mountain known as Odin’s Nrykin, or Odin’s Fist, close to the tiny village of Trellborg on the Norwegian-Finnish border—rumored to be an ancient pagan site. You’ve been pulled from your current assignment and are joining a band of investigators and special agents, as your expertise is both requested and required. Also joining you will be Mister Seraph, one of Section M’s top operatives. Your training in winter survival and Nordic skiiing begins in the morning.


2nd Lt. Catherine Everley
Dr. Stefan Warhola
Johnathan Miller
Sister Ava de Raschenau
Professor Martin: deceased

Recovered Artifacts

Uriglegand’s Saga
In Ancient Norse, Runic (7th Century), Medieval Copy (15th Century)
Journal of Ludwig Von Obertorberg
In 20th Century German; This tome, a small dark, leather bound tome covered in occult symbols, with hand written interior pages is the private journal of leading Nazi occultist Obergruppenführer, Ludwig von Obertorberg and chronicles his activities as one of the leaders of the SS Black Sun Division during the years 1939-43 (other earlier volumes may also exist). Specifically, it details his researches into the origins of Germanic paganism and his beliefs in the supremacy of the Aryan master race and its links to earlier mythology such as the Norse cults of Thor and Odin. Following the discovery of Uriglegand’s Saga and the events at Odin’s Fist, this is the primary modern source for much of the detail and information on the Drottnar mythos race.
The People of the Monolith
A book of poetry by Justin Geoffrey, a lesser American avant garde poet of questionable reputation who died in an Illinois asylum in 1926. Written in English. The pages of the hand stitched, leather bound volume are charred as if from a fire and a book-plate identifies the book as having come from the Kramer Collection.
A skull engraved with silver symbols and scored with teeth marks
The engraving on the skull can be identified as a variant type of an Elder Sign with a Cthulhu Mythos roll and the scoring as having been made by human teeth.
An East African fly whisk
The hair is unidentifiable. A worn label attached to it bears the following: “Ju-Ju Ho… 1 Ra…”
A strangely angular jawbone
It is full of serrated teeth, some of which are hollow and appear to have been made for draining blood.
Ornately ceremonial dagger
With a silver cross guards and an ebony wood grip, which has an SS siegrune button at the top and a national eagle with swastika inset into the wood of the grip. Reported as effective against creatures resistant to damage.
Sine Spe Recuperandi
Keeper: Byerly

A ship carrying parcels from Miskatonic University bound for Metropole Hotel has gone silent in the North Atlantic. A convoy spotted the ship adrift in the North Atlantic, with no signs of activity on the decks. A small salvage team is making their final preparations to embark on a recovery expedition. Operation Galahad wants as many of their members as possible to accompany the team and secure the items in transit from Arkham.


Operation Grail
Keeper: Melissa

Spring of 1936. US midwest: A German soldier wearing an SS uniform is found as he stumbled out of a corn field in rural Missouri. In the three days before he died, he rambled incoherently about horrifying and fantastical things. His personal effects and transcripts of his mutterings were sent by courier to British Intelligence at Clemens Park in Kent for analysis. It’s known that a large property near Büren has recently been acquired, and due to its dark past, there is concern that there may be a connection to the US incident. There is a good deal of construction and planning taking place at the 16th century fortress, and the plan is to send a small team to investigate the surrounding villages and if opportunity presents, the castle itself.


Keeper: Eric T

The freighter “Stadt Hamburg” has grounded on a remote portion of Kolguyev Island, in the northernmost reaches of Russia. The locals noticed that it seems to have an ‘otherworldly feel’, and it seems to vanish and reappear at random intervals, always at the same spot. Always covered in ice. Some of the locals report to feel nauseous after it appears, and others seem to hear an etheral piping that they claim gives them bad dreams. Section D needs to investigate and discover the secrets of the Stadt Hamburg before the NKVD arrive.


  • Martin Willimets
  • Francois DeBlanc
  • Sally Mather
  • Illya Dovhan
  • Svetlana Rhysnekova
Operation Angel

Summer, 1939. Czechoslovakia has been invaded by the Third Reich, and the country dismantled. The British government, not yet at war with Nazi Germany, received intelligence from the Czechoslovak government-in-exile in London that a Czech priest working for the resistance in the vicinity of Prague has information about atrocities committed by the Third Reich—information which will provide priceless propaganda if war does break out. According to British intelligence, the priest—codename ANGEL—is hiding Czechoslovakian children and preventing them from being transported to Castle Karlstein, some 25 miles southwest of Prague, reportedly where the atrocities have been committed. British Intelligence is also very interested in any possible military significance to these atrocities.

Briefed at the Section D headquarters in central London by Czech resistance leader in exile, Frantisek Moravec, and provided with a handwritten letter of introduction by him (with no reference to the British government, who are determined to maintain deniability), your mission is to establish communications with the resistance on the ground, contact ANGEL, find out just what the Nazi atrocities at Castle Karlstein are, and prevent these atrocities from continuing.


Follow Up News Clippings

Shortly after returning to London, the below article appears buried within the Times, along with photos of the ruins of Castle Carlstein.


Lack of proper safety protocols and haphazard science principles are rumored to have caught up with the Nazi movement in Czechoslovakia. Locals are reporting a massive explosion destroyed Castle Karlstein recently. The site, a historical landmark cherished by many, is suspected to be a complete loss. Numerous townsfolk died trying to rescue people from the rubble, including Father Andrej Cerny, a local hero for his work protecting children from the Nazi labor camp.

The Nazis, embarrassed by their very public failure, have abandoned the Castle and local area, much to the relief of the local populace. While a tragic loss for the Karlstein people, at least they have gained some freedom from the occupying force.

The Times, August 2nd, 1939

Operation Lyonnesse
Keeper: Jim D

Dr. Gerhard Gustmann, believed to be a ranking member of Himmler’s “Ahnererbe” has been located in Rabat Morocco, a small coastal city northeast of Casablanca. Section D intelligence believes that Dr. Gustmann has been tasked with uncovering relics related to the history of the Aryan race. It has been reported that he was wandering deep in the Sahara, near death when he was found by a Goumier unit and turned over to the French authorities. He is being held in a Section M safe house in Rabat awaiting debriefing. It is of vital importance that we get to him before the German’s learn of his capture.


Operation Valkyrie Sword
Keeper: Eric T

Winter 1938. Section D agents have been dispatched to Volkhovstroy, a small town east of Leningrad to investigate some energy bursts that are similar to the type that accompany an opening of a large portal to a darker realm of existence. Locals report colder than normal temperatures, and more snowfall than usual. The Soviet government is not equipped to handle any occult happenings, and has requested assistance from the British government. The agents will be met by assigned elements of the NKVD, and the Soviet government has requested the utmost discretion in this matter.


From the Secret Files of Section D

PLEASE READ: Here is the repository of journal entries and cases files that have been written by the current members of the Operation Galahad. Journal entries are reflections on the adventure and, if one dares, on their fellow Society members.

  • Each entry, journal or case file write-up, is worth a re-roll. You can have no more than 3 re-rolls built up at a time.
  • Entries may be subject to editing to adjust formatting for consistency.


The Following Tags are used for Adventure Logs:

Season #
Denotes what season this post falls within
A personal journal entry by that character
Case Files
An official report submitted by a Society member for the records kept at Dewitt House
Photos, postcards, telegrams, news clippings, etc. All sorts of things that add to the season’s experience, but perhaps not directly to a particular session or character

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