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Operation Galahad is a Call of Cthulhu Semi-Organized Campaign set in the World War II era. It is a continuation of the Miskatonic Society, another SOP that takes place in the 1920s.

The Call of Cthulhu Setting

Semi-Organized Play Concept

What is Operation Galahad

Operation Galahad is the code-name for a joint operation between the Miskatonic Society, the Allied military forces, and other secret societies aligned to stand against the occult machinations of the Axis Powers

Groups with Operation Galahad

Section D
“Section D” is a section of the British Secret Intelligence Service (also known as MI6) formed in March 1938 to carry out paramilitary and covert political actions, including propaganda and sabotage, against an enemy during wartime. Section D is based at the Metropole Hotel, on the corner of Northumberland Place and Whitehall in central London, close to the heart of the British government.
Section M
Section D quickly realized that certain operations were outside their experience and that a more specialized unit would be required for paranormal and occult matters. Conveniently located in a suite of the Metropole Hotel, Section M works closely with Section D. They also maintain research and training facilities at a private estate near Edenbridge, Kent and Trinity College.
Miskatonic Society
With nearly 40 years of experience in the occult and supernatural, Section M reached out to the Society shortly after their commission. Seeing an opportunity to both expand the Society’s knowledge and protect mankind, many members packed their bags and made the journey to the Metropole Hotel. With them they brought a number of Society artifacts and tomes, helping jump-start Section M’s efforts to combat the Axis occultists.

Operation Galahad Keepers

None of this is possible without a group of volunteer Keepers creating the tales of horror and heroism our players will encounter. This season’s Keepers are:

  • Byerly (Showrunner)
  • Eric
  • Jim
  • Melissa

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